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Even Skaranger

Staranger is the artist synonym of Even Skaranger, a recent graduate out of Falmouth University in the UK. Originally founded in 2013, in Oslo Norway, Staranger Illustration is an adept Illustration enterprise with years of experience working both freelance and collaboratively in creative teams on a wide variety of projects.

The Staranger Sextant, is a navigation device for the stars, and the Soul.

Staranger Illustration specialises in creative processes and draftsmanship as Important parts of their work, but have extensive experience in graphic design, logo design, font type, print and prepress.


“ I really enjoy Evens Use of Shape language and attention to detail. He also presents his work really well, often giving additional information about the design through graphic design elements. “

- Paul Tobin

Concept Artist at WETA Workshop New Zealand - The Hobbit 2012