Even Skaranger

Staranger is the artist synonym of Even Skaranger, a recent graduate out of Falmouth University in the UK. Originally founded in 2013, in Oslo Norway.

The Staranger Sextant, is a navigation device for the stars, and the Soul.

I use the sextant as a symbol for my art. It is a navigation device, for explorers, finding the ranges and distances at sea, using the stars. For me its metaphoric. I aim at a star inside myself. I find out what I need to do and then walk the distance for everything I hope for, dream about, for Beauty, creativity and love.


“ I really enjoy Evens Use of Shape language and attention to detail. He also presents his work really well, often giving additional information about the design through graphic design elements. “

- Paul Tobin

Concept Artist at WETA Workshop New Zealand - The Hobbit 2012