Welcome to the S T A R A N G E R Illustration Studio.


Development & Process

We always start with a cup of coffee and our sketch book, where thumbnail drawings begin to form and hint at whats to come. 

Illustration is our visual language, a means of communicating ideas fast through Compositions of tone and simple line work. For this we use inks, graphite, pens and markers which has a unique aesthetic of its own.


And sketches become final drafts…




Drawing is our most powerful medium, it has a familiar aesthetic that reminds us of quality. It is rooted in a tradition which pays attention, and which thoughtfully captures subject matter and sublimates it into a fine aesthetic of paper materials and line work.

We like to work with models for better anatomical accuracy, however our signature style allows for construction of unique characters and expressions.


When paper and textures are scanned in to ones and zeroes…


Digital Illustration

Screenshot 2019-02-17 at 21.17.01.png

In our world Joy, humor and also darkness and a bit of strange wicked things happen within the same spaces.
Elements within the illustration hint of many small stories wanting to be told. Who was that pirate, and why was he murdered? Who is this Mermaid, and why is she in this underwater cove?

When it comes to colouring and working with light and dark, I have developed a strange muddy / low contrast style, which I hope
Gives the cartoony line work a little bit of originality, I often rather have the drawing / sketch with its imperfections part of the final version, where I layer on top the original drawing for more of a rustic effect. As for colouring, we often use the data in the original scan, which is twisted and bent with hue / Saturation, spiking the colour in the photo of the paper to different levels. Hopefully I will fully master that way of working some day.

Check out the speed painting below!


Digital Illustration is the medium which makes the Staranger Illustration studio exceptionally competent as a visual communicative, creative asset.

Here vectoral graphics and high end Illustration comes together to bring a sophisticated fusion of design and art. 


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