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Sketch Books and Drawings

Illustration is my visual language, a means of communicating ideas through Composition and colour. Everything starts with a cup of coffee and my sketch book, where thumbnail drawings start to form and hint at whats to come. 

Drawing is my most powerful medium, it has a familiar aesthetic that reminds us of quality. It is rooted in a tradition which pays attention, and which thoughtfully captures subject matter and sublimates it into a fine aesthetic of paper materials and line work. But in the end, all of this gets reworked, coloured, lit and given new atmosphere in software such as Photoshop and Illustrator. Digital Illustration is the medium which makes the Staranger Illustration studio exceptionally competent as a visual communicative, creative asset. Here vectoral graphics and high end Illustration comes together to bring a sophisticated fusion of design and art. 

Digital Colouring Process


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