What is spirit? 
There is probably many different answers and claims to a word so ambiguous, still I figure it would be worth dedicating a series to the topic, to wrestle with the idea and it’s different aspects. My own relationship with the idea of spirit has been very meaningful, and Id say life changing. I can only try to give back and try to give life to the ideas which has helped me and given me so much. 
In ancient Egypt, they believed that ones being was made up of different aspects. The Soul ( BA ) which would be at the seat of your being, forever unchanged. The Physical Body ( KHAT ), your flesh and blood. 
Your Name ( Ren ) and Shadow ( Sheut ), and then your Spirit ( KA ). KA would be different from the body and soul, as it is characterised as your essence in the world, your life force. It would be different from the two others, as well as deeply part of both. Your vitality, sexuality, breath, energy and presence.