A long, long time ago... Somewhere in Norway, a kid watched Star Wars for the first time, in his pyjamas. 

Star Wars has been a huge part of STARANGERS inspiration over the years. The space romance between a smugler and a princess, the comedy of sassy droids, or the tragedy of finding out your father is a dark overlord. The space battles, the puppets and the Force that binds everything, Star Wars has a special place in our hearts. STARANGER aims to reflect this love in their art.


May the Forth be with you

The strange marketplace, where shady characters, bounty hunters and aliens on the fringes of society hide in plain sight. This is a theme that is revisited again and again. Its the port of no return in the hero's journey, the place between the world of the familiar and the unknown. Here the hero will meet the adventurers, battered by their experiences, who tell stories of the dangers of the world.

The space port has a lot of different species and alien races that in a way adds to the chaotic culture of the Star Wars universe, that is often left mysterious, that enables the story to focus on the story of the hero, in a foreign alien land. STARANGER wants to explore the margins of Star Wars, to see more of what happens in the outer rim, between merchants and obscure characters.

The illustration was created for the annual Star Wars day; May 4th. Depicting a veteran, rebell pilot, arguing with shop keepers about the price of a toy X-wing. The Illustration created an opportunity to invoke the nostalgia of vintage Star Wars toys, as well as exploring the chaotic marketplace.





The Last JEDI

This illustration was made for the launch of the Last JEDI trailer in 2017.

The style is one that mixes the rough texture of inks, pencil and gauche paint, with digital effects, painting techniques and flat graphic design elements. The combination is one that puts layer upon layers of techniques and effects on top of each other to create a lively and almost vibrating final expression that is as stylish as it is unique.

The drawing is depicting Rey and Luke Skywalker as the Last JEDI, standing ready to confront the New Order.